A progressive approach to shrimp health management

How water quality management, low stocking densities and the use of specialised feeds can consign the use of antibiotics in shrimp farming to history.

The 400-hectare Sanolmedo shrimp farm in Ecuador ha been antibiotic-free since its inception over a year ago.

The farm, located at the end of a long jungle road in Taura, is Corporación Lanec’s newest and most ambitious project to date and a select group of delegates from the nearby GOAL conference were able to visit this week to find out more about Lanec’s plans to sustainably step up their production of whiteleg shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) at the site.

Shrimp farming began in Ecuador in 1968, and the country is now one of the main producers of farmed shrimp in Latin America. Efforts to increase production in recent years have been made possible in part by advances in technology and the development of immuno-stimulants in functional feeds.

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