2hp Nanrong Paddle Wheel Aerator

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Quick Information: -

Brand name- NANRONG
Oxygen Transferring- 2.62kgs/h
Certification- ISO
Gross weight-100kg

Description: -

Shrimp, eel, fish and other aqua animals can grow up quickly and healthy and can be avoided to die because of lack of enough dissolved oxygen in the water, meantime, can be farmed in high density with steady output.

Working Principle:

High-speed-working impellers splash the water into the air → these splashing water mix the oxygen in the air and brought into the water → the dissolved oxygen in the water increase.

The working impellers produce waves and currents → make the saturated ammonia, CO2, methane, sulfureted hydrogen, etc. go out of the water → the water quality improved.

Product Description: -

Model No.: NR-SC112

Horse Power: 2HP
Voltage: 220V-440V
Electric Phase : 3PH
Frequency : 50HZ/60HZ
Number of Impeller: 2
Motor : Cast Iron Barrel Body (Taiwan style)
Reducer: Worm style (Taiwan style)
Impeller : Integrated Copper Sleeve
Movable Joint: Half Assemble
Transmission Shaft: SS 304 Sleeve With Steel Core
Supporting Bearing : 2 in 1
Float : 100% Virgin HDPE
Shaft Frame: SS 304 Bend Frame
PE Cover : 100% Virgin PP

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