Aquapro-Water Probiotic

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Usage:Shrimp Farming,

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Pack Size: 500 gms pack /10 kg container

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AquaPro - Natural treatment to sustainable shrimp farming.

AquaPro is a probiotic formulation designed to maintain a healthy environment. Microbial strains that produces antimicrobial compounds which inhibits the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria in shrimp and aquatic system.

Aquapro regulates or enhances the microbial environment, allows the establishment of healthy gastro intestinal micro flora improve feed conversion ratio and increase weight through biological availability of feeds. Improves resistance to stress, disease and lowers mortality rates.


  • Emphasize the significance of live cells as an essential component of supporting animal health.
  • Maintain a healthy and balanced gut flora.
  • Keep the pond water biosecure.
  • Limit the activity of harmful microbes like vibrio and other pathogens.
  • Improve survival and productivity.
  • Improves plankton growth and better dissolved oxygen levels.
  • Apply in farm nurseries/hatcheries for safe water and healthy PL.


  • Hydrate the recommended dosage of AquaPro in pond water and apply equally all the pond.
  • During culture: Apply AquaPro 100gms for every 100,000 pieces for every five days.
  • Product protocol table during culture with combination displayed in image section.

Weight: 500 gms / 10kg plastic container
Storage: Store in a cool dry place and avoid moisture.
Manufacturer: Vinnbio India Pvt ltd

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