Bdellovibrio (Vibro spp) 蛭弧菌


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Vibrio spp. is a type of bacteria that is parasitic to other bacteria and can cause them to lyse. It is smaller than normal bacteria and can pass through a bacterial filter. It has a phage-like effect, but it is not a virus. It is indeed a type of bacteria that can eat bacteria. Vibrio spp. , led by the non-flagellate end, rotates rapidly at 100 rpm / s after contact with Vibrio, enters the periplasmic space through its cell wall, and then expands it into a spherical leech vibrio, which can reproduce and break the vibrio cell body in just a few hours. The newborn Vibrio spp. released into the water enters the next cycle.
VIBRIO SPP. has special effect on V. parahaemolyticus, V. harveyi and V. splendidus
For VIBRIO caused diseases with symptoms of jejunum, enteritis, white feces and acute aepatopancreatic necrosis, it can effectively inhibit and kill the vibrio in the water and shrimp body
Keep the uninfected shrimp healthy, and gradually recover the sick shrimp that are still eating
It has a significant effect on White Spot Syndrome Virus(WSSV).

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