Benzocaine / Anesthetic (local) Powder Pain Killer Powder Benzocaine CAS 94-09-7

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English name Benzocaine
CAS number 94-09-7
EINECS No. 202-303-5
Density 1.1±0.1 g/cm3
Boiling point 310.7±15.0 °C at 760 mmHg
Melting point 88-90 °C
Molecular formula C9H11NO2
Molecular weight 165.189
Flash point 164.2±17.9 °C
Accurate quality 165.078979
PSA 52.32000
LogP 1.95
Appearance: white crystalline powder
Vapor pressure 0.0±0.7 mmHg at 25°C
Refractive index 1.555
Storage conditions
Keep sealed and protected from light.

It is stable in the air, odorless and bitter. It is alkaline. The color becomes yellow when exposed to light.

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