Bioclean-Gill infections – Nitrite and Ammonia Control

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Bio clean

Bio clean is ideal for use in aquaculture ponds because the beneficial microbes in this formulation has been selected for their ability to biodegrade complex organic matter like proteins and eliminate ammonia, urea, nitrite and other toxic contaminants from pond water.

Each gram of this product contains billions of microbes of several fast growing, natural and diversified strains. Bio clean bacterial strain breaks them down and utilizes them to grow. The ability to balance the natural ecosystem of pond and other systems, require the biological product to keep the C:N:P level as low as possible thereby discouraging algae bloom and sediment control.


  • Reduces/eliminates nitrogenous harmful compounds like NH3, NO2, NO3, H2S and phosphate.
  • Balance the aquatic phyto plankton proliferation and algae bloom, which helps to reduce the dinoflagellates and luminescence organisms.
  • Reduce fouling smell.
  • Reduce the occurrence and control the brown gill and black gill in shrimp during any part of culture.
  • Remove grassy - flavor from shrimp due to algal bloom.
  •  Reduce water exchange.
  •  Decrease nutrient levels and improve dissolved oxygen.


  • Hydrate the recommended dosage of Bio clean in pond water and apply equally all the pond.
  • During culture: Apply Bio clean 100gms for every 100,000 pieces for every five days.
  • Product protocol table during culture with combination is on a separate sheet.

Weight: 500 gms / 10kg Plastic container
Storage: store in a cool dry place and avoid moisture.
Manufacturer: Vinnbio India Pvt ltd

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