Compound Photosynthetic Bacteria 复合光合菌

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Shorten the growth cycle
Degrade harmful substance
Inhibit pathogens proliferation

The photosynthetic bacteria on the market are all phototrophic photosynthetic bacteria, which can only be propagated through light. However, pond hydrogen sulfide, residual bait feces, nitrite, etc. all accumulate at the bottom of the pond. Ordinary photosynthetic bacteria cannot add value in a dark environment at the bottom, and the bottom problem cannot be solved. The common photosynthetic bacteria cannot proliferate in the dark environment at the bottom, and cannot solve the bottom problem.

Macro-bio is the only company in China to master non-photosynthetic photosynthetic bacteria strains and production technology. Photosynthetic bacteria cells also contain carbon storage substances, glycogen, poly-β-hydroxybutyric acid, coenzyme Q, antiviral substances and growth promoting factors. It can promote the immune system development of aquatic animals and enhance their immunity.

The photosynthetic bacteria emitted to the water body can degrade toxic and harmful substances such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia nitrogen and nitrous acid at the bottom of the pond. Our photosynthetic bacteria can use low molecular weight organic compounds such as lower fatty acids, inorganic carbon, a variety of dicarboxylic acids, alcohols, sugars and aromatic compounds as sources of anaerobic heterotrophic growth.

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