Dry Artemia (Salina) Cysts

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In addition to the sale of chemical raw materials, Pioneer Trade Company sells aquatic biological resources to various markets: from Altai Krai (Russia) and up to Ecuador and Chile. We've been in this business since 2008.
Every year, we increase our sales volumes and expand the sales territory.
Our list of aquaculture products is diverse, but the main products sold are Artemia (Salina) Cysts and Gammarus which are harvested in the salt lakes of Altai Krai.

Dry Artemia Cysts

Artemia Cysts is a premium highly-nourishing feed for juveniles of all
kinds of fish (pond ones like Koi, catfish and industrial ones like
sturgeon, seabass, trout, salmon, etc.) and shrimps as well as for
different kinds of aquarium fish. The incubation process results in
nauplii being hatched out of the cysts. Nauplii are live food perfect
by its size and nutrient level for all juvenile fish and crustaceans.
Rich in protein and aminoacids, this feed guarantees the intensive
growth of young fish.

Using artemia cysts for fattening poultry contributes to the
bioavailability of broiler chicken meat. Moreover, artemia cysts are
widely used in cosmetology for regeneration and stimulation of skin

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