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This eBook is to train, teach, and guide you on catfish hatchery and management process.the best descriptive and analytic catfish hatchery and managements eBook ever. With over 90 pages and 86 descriptive pictures (best seller)

Table on content

✔️Introduction to hatchery
✔️Different types of fish
✔️Why clarias gariepinus
✔️Requirement for a suitable hatchery water
✔️Water parameters for hatchery operation and correction
✔️ hatchery operation management
✔️Hatchery materials
✔️Hatchery procedures
✔️Identification of male and female fish
✔️Identification of suitable brood stock
✔️brood stock suitable for breeding
✔️Brood stock care and handling
✔️Injection solution
✔️How to prepare pituitary gland injection solution and injection administration for female brood stock
✔️ preserve your pituitary gland
✔️How to inject the female brood stock
✔️Time interval between the latency, incubating and the water temperature
✔️How to extract the milt, strip the injected female fish, fertilize and spraying the eggs on the net
✔️Fries management/handling to fingerlings
✔️Feeding the newly hatched catfish larvae
✔️Strategy of feeding (option 1 &2)
✔️Transferring the fries
✔️Water control and management
✔️Feeding of the fries to juvenile/jumbo. Age, fish, size, fish weight, fish size
✔️Medication, preparation and application
✔️Things to check out for when fish are not growing
✔️Fact to know about catfish hatchery
✔️ harvest fingerlings
And More


✔️Simple way to culture zooplanktons
✔️Method to keep your hatchery water temperature constant
✔️Method to keep your hatchery room temperature constant

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