Ecobio – Sludge Digester – H2s and CH4 control

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EcoBio is a multipurpose biological product for treatment of organic waste. EcoBio contains a dry blend of synergistic and dynamic microorganisms capable of producing powerful digestive enzymes to degrade the organic sludge.

When applied, this product initiates rapid growth, proliferation of "bioflocs" and release of extracellular enzymes.

EcoBio contains specialized aerobic and stimulant anaerobic strains of bacteria capable of eliminating hydrogen sulphide, reduce build up of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate in the pond water and soil.


  • Reduce BOD, COD and TSS.
  • Helps to settle and decrease turbidity.
  • Eliminate organic sludge and toxic metabolites in pond soil/water.
  • Maintain healthy pond for growth and productivity.
  • Restore pond water quality free from wastes, chemicals and undesirable microbes.
  • Minimize water exchange.


  • Hydrate the recommended dosage of EcoBio in pond water and apply equally all the pond.
  • Preparation of the pond with EcoBio (for organic bottom sludge reduction).

Pond preparation protocol.

  • Week 1: 500gms /ha.
  • Week 2: 250gms /ha.
  • Week 3: 250gms /ha.
  • When TOM is <10% use week 1 and 2. When TOM is >10% use weeks 1,2&3. During culture:
  • Apply EcoBio 100gms for every 100,000 pieces for every five days.
  • Product protocol table during culture with combination displayed in image section.

Weight: 500 gms
Storage: Store in a cool dry place and avoid moisture.
Manufacturer: Vinnbio India Pvt ltd

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