Fish Pond Shrimp Farming Paddle Wheel Aerator Aquaculture Equipment

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*The rated voltage frequency of the motor is according to the customer's requirements.
*The loading water surface given is recommended for reference,and the actual value shall be determined in accordance with local environment and unit farming density.
*Overall weight shall take the actual weight.

*Arc-shaped bevel gear box adopted in place of turbine-worm gear box is featured of energy saving and high efficiency,more than 20% less electricity than traditional model.
*Arc-shaped bevel gear is made of chrome-manganese-titanium alloy steel.designed with surface nitrocementation,and matched with reasonable hardness,featured of longer service life.
*Relying on advanced mechanical and electrical performance design,high-quality copper-enameled wire,high-grade insulation and developed production processes,the safety,reliability,efficiency and energy-saving performance of the motor have been significantly improved.
*Mechanical seal is adopted to to ensure no leakage and no pollution.
*As required bu the client,a protector is added to prevent the motor from being accidentally burned out.
*Have good water current circulation as the making of large area water wave.
*Floating boat is made of integral plastic(PE),impeller of engineering plastics,spindle and support of stainless steel,have durable service life.

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