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Artemia is a small shrimp like aquatic crustacean also known as Brine Shrimp, which thrive in hyper saline waters. It is also called as “Sea monkeys” in most of the western countries. Freshly hatched nauplii of Artemia are the ideal food for the larvae of fishes and prawns. Adult Artemia Biomass is widely used in White Shrimp (Vannamei) hatcheries where it is fed to the Brooder Shrimps as a Maturation diet.
Frozen Artemia Biomass – Features
Adult Artemia having High Protein, HUFA (Highly Unsaturated Fatty Acid), and Amino acids content. In addition, the Artemia have adequate amount of Vitamins and Carotenoids, it is most essential for most of Fish and Shrimp.
Frozen Adult Artemia has been used for decades for aquarium fish keeping, and recently in many types for maturation programs and post larval applications for aquaculture species.
Tuty’s Artemia Biomass - Benefits
Our products are subjected to strict Quality control to meet customer requirements and satisfaction.
• Bio Secured
• Antibiotics Free
• Pathogens Free
• Very Clean
• In Expensive
• No added water
• 100% Artemia sp
• Quick Frozen

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