GEO-TOX – Aqua Culture Grade Zeolite

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Pack Size: 25 Kg Package

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Aquaculture grade Zeolite with highest Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC). With sodium bentonite, calcium peroxide, Activated charcoal and ammonia reducing agent with probiotics.

Benefits :
Geo-Tox Purify the water quality of pond and absorb the stink rapidly.
Geo-Tox Adjust the pH rate and create a great water quality to provide plankton an excellent breeding environment.
Geo-Tox Improve mold of pond to make best ventilation for soil.
Geo-Tox Absorb the organic materials of water and dangerous gas.absorbs H2S (Hydrogen Sulphide), NH3 (Ammonia)

Dosage :
For pond preparation : 50 kgs or more per Ha During Culture : Minimum 15-20 kgs per acre or as advised by Aqua Culture Technician.

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