GUT ACID-Reduce Whitegut & White Fecal matter

Offered by: Marineaqua Technologies

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Usage:Aquaculture, Shrimp Farming,

Business Type:Manufacturer,

Pack Size: 500 gms

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Organic acids,
Organic Selenium,
Mannon Oligo Saccharides,
Alivum Sativum etc.


  • Increases growth and survival rate in the shrimp culture.
  • Improves feed hygiene by destroying microbial cells.
  • Stabilizes the gastrointestinal micro flora.
  • Prevents vibroiosis, white gut and white fecal dieseases.
  • Increases the protein hydrolysis which results in food FCR & Enhances the nutrient uptake in feeding.
  • Prevents the sludge formation at the pond bottom and improves the growth of phytoplanktons and zooplanktons.

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