Multiple Organic Acids多元有机酸

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Macro-bio Multiple Organic Acids can quickly treat all kinds of toxic substances in water, degrade heavy metals by complexation and reduce stress reaction, and remove ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, hydrogen sulfide and other harmful substances from the water.
Macro-bio Multiple Organic Acids are composed of fruit acids, polyorganic acids, antidotes, vitamins and surfactants.
Stress reactions can be caused by drug stimulation, excessive stocking density, water pollution, climate change, change of water frequency, improper feed nutrition, and inadequate management ability and so on. Mild stress has an impact on the normal development of turbot fish, which can seriously lead to the decline of immunity, disease and even death.
In order to improve the anti-stress ability of turbot fish, it is necessary to sprinkle polyorganic acids in the process of schedule management.

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