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Usage:Fish Farming,

Business Type:Manufacturer,

Pack Size: 100meters per roll

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AirMMax is professional manufacturer and supplier of aeration tube, air diffuser and air hose and has developed into an aquaculture solution provider together with aeration system design and installation.
Features of nano tube are as below,the advantage can be eaisyly seen.
1.outer diameter:10-40mm
2.Wall thickness: 2 mm above
3.Bubbles size 1-3mm
4.Air flow 0.008-0.032m3/min per meter(0.5-2.2m3/h per meter)
5.Working pressure:20kpa-50kpa
6.Dynamic power: 0.03kw/m
7.Applicable water depth: 0-6 meters
8.Easy installation and
9. suitable for all ponds and low initial cost and maintance cost.

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