Nutriva F15 -Nutrition for shrimp

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Nutriva F15 is Growel’s new generation extruded FUNCTIONAL feed that naturally enhances the immunity of Litopenaeus vannamei and Penaeus monodon to fight against harmful pathogens. It contains MrFeed® and other patented nature-derived components that:

  • Bind to pathogens and block the attachment of pathogens to the gastrointestinal tract of shrimp
  • Improve intestinal integrity and reduce the negative effects of pathogens and
    toxins produced by the pathogens
  • Stimulate immunity so that the shrimp are on a state of alert against invading pathogens
  • Actively enter into the cells of the pathogens and kill them or disable them
    Provide nutrients that are necessary for the immune system to function well
    Improve feed attractability and palatability so the shrimp can eat the feeds fast and in sufficient quantity to get the benefits

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