PARA-SAFE – Medicinal Plant Extracts

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Pack Size: 500 gms

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Para-Safe is the first lice management product in aquaculture,it gives resistant early infection activity to lice.

Para-Safe is combination of different medicinal plant alkaloids extracts improve anti lice activity ablity to eradicated disease development and increse the resistance to lice infection.

Benefits :
Kill all stages of sea lice Argulus and Lepeophtheiruss
Kill all Motile and non-motile including gravity adult females can protect up to 30 days .
Protect from fish new infestation thereby allowing fish recovery to from existence damage
Effective under a wide range of water temperature in both fresh and sea water.

Dosage :
200 / 250 gms. per Tone Feed for 4 days.
500 gms. per Acre in water application.

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