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Usage:Fish Farming, Shrimp Farming,

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Pack Size: 500 gms pack /10 kg container

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Pond Pro is a microbial formulation used to reduce total organic matter (TOM) during the preparation of aquaculture ponds. Several species of highly concentrated, active, safe microorganisms and rich source of hydrolytic enzymes like Amylase, Protease, Lipase, Cellulose.

Pond Pro, added to the aquaculture pond, will create a biological chain reaction by producing greater population of natural bacteria and enzymes to hasten the organic waste removal. This action improves water quality by providing a more diverse and synergistic microbial population. In fact the breakdown compounds from organic sludge promotes the growth of phyto and zooplanktons in pond water. Facilitate production of biofloc and reduce supplementary feed. Shrimp grow much faster by feeding on biooc cells which provide high quality single cell protein.

  • To bring down organic sludge and eliminate toxic metabolites in pond soil with respect to.
  • Total organic matter (TOM).
  • Enhance immune system of Post larvae, juveniles and Adult shrimp.
  • Improve nutrient level, dissolved oxygen, blooming of phyto plankton and biofloc.
  • Utilize organic sludge (BOD) as nutrients by bio degradation and use them for growing exponentially in pond water.
  • Reduces water exchange.
  • Reduce the presence of chemical stressors/eliminate odors.
  • Improve bio security and ecological balance of the pond system.
  • Hydrate the recommended dosage of pondpro in pond water and apply equally all the pond. Preparation of the pond with pond pro:(TOM<1%)
  • Week1: 500gms/ha
  • Week2: 250gms/ha
  • Week3: 250gms/ha
  • When TOM is <5% use week 1 and week 2 only.
  • When TOM is <10% use week 1, week 2 and week 3.
  • When TOM is >10% higher, protocol should continue for four weeks.
  • During culture: Apply pond pro 100gms for every 100,000 pieces for every five days. Product protocol table during culture with combination was displayed as image.
Weight: 500 gms

Storage: Store in a cool dry place and avoid moisture.

Manufacturer: Vinnbio India Pvt ltd

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