PRO-INC-For Soil and Water Pro-biotic

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Pro- Inc is the unique multi-strain probiotic product line of TriconInc specifically designed for aquatic species. The Pro-In product line consists of several carefully selected bacterial strains with superior probiotic and biodegrading features.
Pro-Inc stabilizes water quality, improves pond bottom quality and supports the gut health of fish and shrimp, thereby improving performance and efficiency in production.

Benefits :
Improved water quality
Reduced pond bottom sludge by Enzymatic action aids digestion
Degradation of NH3,NO2,NO3,H2S
Improved growth and health performance and Better survival
Stronger localized immune response
Produces inhibitory compounds against pathogens

Dosage :
400-500 grms per acre once in 15 days or Advised by aquaculture consultant

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