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PROBAL is a special synbiotic blend of natural ingredients formulated in a balanced way between selected probiotics and herbs, which can increase the appetite of fish or shrimp, and increase endurance (immunity) so that fish or shrimp are resistant to disease.

1. Selected herbs (Zingiber officinale, Curcuma domestica, Curcuma aeruginosa, etc.)
2. Probiotics: ± 3.8 x 108 CFU / ml
- Bacillus subtillis
- Lactobacillus brevis
- Pseudomonas aeruginosa
- Achromobacter xylosoxidans
- etc

The benefits
- Effective as a substitute for antibiotics
- Restore decreased appetite in fish or shrimp, especially after the disease, increasing the SR (Survival Rate)
- Increase the digestibility of fish or shrimp. So that fish or shrimp can grow fast, decreases FCR (Feed Conversion Ratio)
- Increase the growth of plankton, increasing the amount of natural food
- Prevent and control disease or pathogen attack by enhancing the immune system
- Increasing DO (Dissolved Oxygen) in the water so that the pond ecosystem is getting better and healthier (not easily infected by disease)

How to use
1. For Feed
Dissolve 100 grams of PROBAL into 50 Liters of water + 1.25 kg of molasses. Then let stand 30 minutes (PROBAL activation process). Then mix it into fish or shrimp feed as much as 100 kg. Then ferment it into a closed container and leave for 3 days. After fermentation process is done, give feed to fish or shrimp every day.

2. For Ponds
Pour the activated PROBAL (100 gr PROBAL + 50 liters of water + 1.25 kg molasses) at a dose of 1 liter / 1000 m2 into the pond. Give once every five days for maximum results.

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