Protab-Soil & Water Probiotics

Offered by: Marineaqua Technologies

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Usage:Aquaculture, Shrimp Farming,

Business Type:Manufacturer,

Pack Size: 1 kg Package

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Bacillus Subtilis, B. Lichinoformis,
B. Megatherium, B. Acidophilus,
B. Lactobacillus Acidophilus,
B. Pediococcus,
Thiobacillius Denitrificans,
Aspergillius oryzae,
Aspergillius niger,
Pseudomonas denitirificans etc


  • Protab is a very high levels of bacteria will be present for a short period of time digesting organic wastes.
  • Bacteria germinate at the sediment water interface where the shrimp are and where the organic matter accumulate.
  • It delivers directly to pond bottom where organic material is acculumated and where shrimp are most active.

Net Weight : 1 Kg

Usage : 500 grms per Acre

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