PROTECTOR-Quaternary Ammonium Compound

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Pack Size: 5 litre

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A unique combustions quaternary ammonium compound with very strong antibactericidal activity. It is very economical and reliable for all the sanitation requirements, to control bacterial gill diseases and fungal and protozoan disease. also helps in stimulating molting.

Benefits :
Prevents water pollution and purifies water
Effectively control bacterial gill diseases
Effectively control Fungal and protozon diseases
Useful in prophylactic diseases treatment of surface ulcers, and wounds
Antena Rot, Gill Rot, Black gill, Red gill, Black spot, Red discolouration, Gas bubble & Tail Rot.

Dosage :
Prawn / Shirmps : 3 - 5 Litr per acre
Fish : 3 - 5 Litr per acre or Advised by aqua culture consultant

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