SB FRESH – Oxygen Granules

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Usage:Aquaculture, Shrimp Farming,

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Pack Size: 5kg Pack

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SB FRESH - Oxygen Granules

Product Info:

  • Quickly releases Disolved Oxygen(D.O) to the pond water.
  • Reduces the subsaqueous content of Ammonia and Nitrogen.
  • Eliminated Carbon dioxide and Hydrogen Sulphide (H.S).
  • Prevents and Controls pollution caused by unionized ammonia, Iron,
    Hydrogen sulphide, Methane and Sulphur Dioxide.
  • Coverts the toxic substances in the pond water into their non-toxic form
    and there by provides a healthy environment to the culture animals.


Prawn/ Shrimp: 8 gm per Acre

Fish: 600 gm per Acre.

Increase the dose when oxygen depletion, the days of culture
and / or the density is high or as advised by the Aquaculture
Consultant. An Adeal Respirator for Fish and Prawns

Package Size

Net wt: 5 Kg

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