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Obstacles to continuous aquaculture are a common problem and the main problem of aquaculture diseases. They have been neglected due to the lack of effective solutions for a long time.

A special sediment environment was formed, which inhibited the growth and reproduction of beneficial microorganisms such as Bacillus subtilis, photosynthetic bacteria, yeast, actinomycetes, nitrifying bacteria, ammoniating bacteria, etc., while a large number of harmful microorganisms grew, and the microbial flora in the water changed. In recent years, a lot of new pathogens have been found to cause diseases, which has resulted in the phenomenon of "no treatment with drugs" in recent years.

Sediments Improvement Bacteria is a compound product of dozens of functional microorganisms, a variety of minerals and trace elements, can decompose harmful substances produced by continuous farming, inhibit the reproduction of diseased bacteria, rebuild the micro-ecological balance of sediments, supplement minerals and trace elements, Restore the bottom of the pond to the best condition, effectively solve the problem of continuous aquatic obstacles.

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