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1. Starmin enhances the growth of plankton in the pond.
2. Increasing the chelated minerals in the ponds helps the shrimps to grow faster and healthier.
3. Starmin helps to increase the survival rate.
4. Starmin helps to prevent White muscle, Muscle cramp, loose shell & soft shell in the shrimps.
5. Chelated minerals accelerates the formation of shell after the moulting.


Phosphorous : 18%,
Iron : 6000mg,
Magnesium : 8750mg,
Potassium : 200mg,
Sodium : 5.9mg,
Zinc : 14250mg,
Sulphur : 0.75%,
Cobalt : 160mg,
Copper : 1300mg,
Iodine : 350mg,
Manganese : 1850mg,
Chloride : 15gm,
Aluminium : 1500mg,
Calcium : 23%,
DL-Methionine : 3000mg,
L-Lysine : 6200mg,

Usage: 10kg per acre

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