TRI-MIN – Aqua Culture Minerals, Amino Acids & Vitimins

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Pack Size: 10 kg Package

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A rightful blend of essential micro and macro minerals suitable for water application , control help in control of osmoregulation imbalance and acid base concentration , it is helpful for prevention and treatment of shell and related problems. Including the energy source with sufficient amino acids, vitamins to maintain promote growth.

Enhance bioavailability of essential minerals
Reduce orgonic nutrient deficiency providing all major macro and trace minerals
Help in control of osmoregulation
Help in imbalance & acid base concentration
Help in enhance molting
Help in Prevention against all shell & muscle related problems

Usage :
Prawn / Shrimp Ponds : 5 kg per acre
Prawn / Shrimp Feeds : 3 to 5 gm per kg of feed
Fish Ponds : 2 kg per acre
Fish Feeds : 1 to 3 kg/1000 kg of feed
Consult your Aqua culture specialist for specific usage and directions

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