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Ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid, concentrated aluminium dehydrated silicate, stabilizers of ammonia, iron and aluminium, toxin binders and ammonia reducing agents.

Benefits :
Trisoft is designed to work effectively in bore water aquaculture system of both fresh water (0 ppt salinity)
Trisoft also works effectively in creek and sea based aquaculture systems.
Trisoft softens the water in aquacultre ponds by normalizing the alkalinity and hardness.
Trisoft prevents and controls pollution caused by unionized ammonia, iron, Hydrogen sulphide, methane and sulphur di oxide. Immediate relief from ammonia stress.

Dosage :
For Prawn / Shrimp pond : 2 - 3 kg. per acre.
Direction for Use : Application of Aquasoft in day light gives the better results.
Consult your aquaculture specialist for specific usage and directions.

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